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Mission Markets Article on Ecosystem Marketplace

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Ecosystem Marketplace article on Mission Markets and CEO Mike Van Patten: http://3bl.me/32vpcf #ecosystem services, Ecosystem Marketplace
Friday, August 13, 2010 - 3:10pm


Mission Markets and CEO Mike Van Patten are featured in a new article on Ecosystem Marketplace, led by the Katoomba group. Ecosystem Marketplace is THE destination for environmental news. Don't miss it, read it here: Ecosystem Marketplace

Some quotes from the article about how Mission Markets Earth solves the problems faced by current environmental markets:

"A variety of environmental markets have sprung up over the past two decades. They encourage businesses that damage water, land, habitat or air to compensate by purchasing credits from enterprises that restore these resources and their ecosystems.

Unfortunately, buyers and sellers in different communities tend to be clustered in different market silos. They rarely speak to – or even know about – buyers and sellers from other markets and communities. But for the environment and the markets built around them to thrive, Van Patten says “we need a holistic approach to break down silos that separate environmental markets and fragment them when we think they are all interconnected.”

To facilitate this, he and Rocco first launched Mission Markets, a private investment exchange for environmental projects that raises capital for people seeking funding.

Mission Markets Earth is a sub-platform that pulls together disparate information gleaned from environmental markets nationwide, building on local environmental markets that already exist. It lists and maps property attributes including size, vegetation, habitat and type of property proposed. It enables bankers to bid on projects through an online reverse auction, and it enables people to get information, monetize multiple environmental credits or offset multiple ecological imprints without having to go to multiple exchanges.

...It packages assets in a way familiar to investors. It connects environmental finance with traditional capital markets. It provides liquidity, transparency and a central place to buy and sell ecosystem services. And, the bottom line, it liberates untapped capital for conservation."

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