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Mission Markets Demo Video

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Watch the new 5 min video of the Mission Markets sustainability exchange at http://missionmarkets.com/demo.
Monday, August 9, 2010 - 11:28am


See the Mission Markets platform on our new demonstration video, www.missionmarkets.com/demo. The video is a guided tour of the platform narrated by our CEO, Michael Van Patten exhibiting MissionMarkets.com, with a preview of Mission Markets Earth. You will learn how to sign up, what membership entails, and how the platform works. The video shows the platform from the investor's perspective, so it's a great way for companies to see what their capital raise information will look like to an investor member navigating the platform.

Please feel free to send it around to anyone who might be interested and do not forget to contact us with feedback.

Happy viewing!

- The Mission Markets Team


Mission Markets Inc.

Mission Markets operates a private investment exchange facilitating transactions within the social and environmental capital markets. The Mission Markets platform provides companies and organizations with access to funding and impact investors an efficient way to evaluate, invest in and monitor sustainable investment opportunities.


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