Mission Markets launched! Sign up as an Issuer to Raise Capital

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Mission Markets launched! Sign up as an Issuer to Raise Capital

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Mission Markets #sustainable exchange has launched! Social/sustainable enterprises, come sign up as a member! http://www.missionmarkets.com
Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 7:02am


The Mission Markets Private Capital Marketplace is now in beta launch, open to social and environmental organizations looking to raise capital.

How does it work? Contact us and we'll send you our beta agreement, making sure you have the minimum requirements we need (proving you're social/environmental, and getting your paperwork together). Once you have everything in order, sign the beta agreement and send us the documents. We'll give you the beta website you can use to sign up on the Mission Markets Private Capital Marketplace as a member. You'll get a confirmation email or two, and you're in! Fill in your profile - contact info, info about your company, info about the financing you're looking for. We're here to walk you through the process if you have any questions.

Investors will soon be signing on as well, and will see the information you've provided - if you'd rather keep your detailed info and your documents private, you can hide them and only be available as a discreet offering: investors will see you're there, but will have to be approved by you to see more.

We've spoken to thousands of interested issuers and investors, and are now available to get you on board if you're ready to join our beta launch!

For more info about the Mission Markets Private Capital Marketplace, click here.

Mission Markets Inc.

Mission Markets operates a private investment exchange facilitating transactions within the social and environmental capital markets. The Mission Markets platform provides companies and organizations with access to funding and impact investors an efficient way to evaluate, invest in and monitor sustainable investment opportunities.