New Book by Siegfried Finser

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New Book by Siegfried Finser

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Footprints of an Angel Siegfried Finser, @RSFSocFinance Founding Trustee releases new book

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Monday, May 14, 2012 - 5:40pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BL Media) May 14, 2012 - Founding Trustee of RSF, Siegfried Finser, and author of Money Can Heal, has just released a new book, Footprints of an Angel. It is the story of a man seeking to understand serendipitous moments in his life that came about through more than luck or his own doing. Siegfried Finser discovers that major turning points in his life were not well thought out or carefully planned, but rather, they seemed to happen largely by accident, the results of coincidence or even a series of miracles.

Finser uncovered a startling number of such “accidents.” They seemed to occur in a meaningful sequence, too purposeful to ignore. Following this story, the reader witnesses how the evidence grows and offers increasing conviction that an ‘angel’ is functioning and acting in his life, revealing a relationship between ‘angels’ from the spiritual world and humans on Earth.

Footprints of an Angel will encourage self-reflection and provide many great laughs as well as astonishing realizations. The book is available through and