New Study Alerts Companies on Opportunities to Market their Products to the 21st Century Mom

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New Study Alerts Companies on Opportunities to Market their Products to the 21st Century Mom

EcoFocus Worldwide Report Shows New Trend: Being Green Offers Higher Level Emotional Benefits for Moms
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EcoFocus Wrldwde report "Are You Ready for Eco-Mom?" 6/25 - sheds light on how 2 market products to 21st century mom


New research report from EcoFocus Worldwide entitled, Are You Ready for the Eco-Mom?, has identified important trends that companies need to be aware of as they market their products to the 21st century mom.  Most (60%) say that "manufacturers need to do a better job of telling me why their products are eco-friendly" and one in three are "often unsure about how the products they buy impact the environment". The report offers data and consumer insights and will be available June 25th.  For more information or to purchase a report, please call Sean Lucey at 727-742-2352 or

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 8:00am

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) St. Petersburg, FL, June 9, 2010— EcoFocus Worldwide, a research based consulting firm, has identified a powerful new trend emerging with parents who feel that being eco-friendly is part of setting a good example for their children as well as leaving a legacy behind.

According to the newly released EcoFocus report Are You Ready for Eco-Mom?, nearly two in three American parents agree that ”when my kids are grown, I want them to remember me as teaching them to be environmentally responsible”. A similar number agree it’s important "for my children to understand the impact they have on the environment based on the choices they make".

“Brands with or who want to build equity with moms around nurturing and responsibility themes have a powerful platform here,” recommends Linda Gilbert, CEO of EcoFocus. “It’s a new archetype that will define next generation products and communications,” says Gilbert.
The report states that Eco-moms are more involved than others in example setting behavior such as water conservation (turning off the water when brushing teeth or other activity) and energy savings (turning off lights when leaving a room). And, a surprising number of them are already sending their children to school with waste-free lunches (23%). Upon embarking on greener behavior, parents are getting some surprising benefits: 
  • Almost half say that they have become more physically active as a result of a greener lifestyle,

  • 64% agree that having a cleaner environment will mean less cancer and disease in the future, and

  • Most also agree that they are spending more time together as a family, with 60% agreeing that being eco-friendly provides teachable moments with their kids.

But, parents are in need of help. While they have many sources of information (from the web to family and friends) there is often conflicting information. Most (60%) say that "manufacturers need to do a better job of telling me why their products are eco-friendly" and one in three are "often unsure about how the products they buy impact the environment". To win them over, manufacturers need to keep in mind the following: 
  • Keep it simple-- make it clear what the green feature is and state it upfront on packaging

  • Keep it positive-- consumers do not want to be "frightened" or 'bullied" into making green choices

  • Keep it consistent-- many have observed a disconnect with organic or eco-friendly products coming in non-recyclable or unfriendly packaging.

Just as the 50’s ritual of Mom having dinner at 5 and sitting down together was a pivotal family experience, green activities are becoming part of the role of being the good Mom in the 21st century. Shared familial experiences are moving to green activities, such as recycling and preparing water bottles for the family’s use the next day.  For these Eco-moms, cleaning up your room isn’t just about making your bed; it’s about recycling cans and repurposing old clothes.
 “Eco-moms see being green as part of teaching their kids responsibility and respect for others: their kids become more responsible citizens, and they consume more responsibly,” observes Lisa Harrison, Research Leader for EcoFocus. “Some moms even feel guilty that their teens grew up with a disposable lifestyle, and they don’t want to make the same mistake with their younger children.” 
And, rest assured, they will make the change!  Already, 85% of parents in the EcoFocus survey at least sometimes consider environmental reasons when choosing the products they buy. Almost four in ten will change brands to make a more eco-friendly choice. 
For more information about the new EcoFocus report Are You Ready for Eco-Mom? or to schedule an interview with Ms. Gilbert or Ms. Harrison regarding the research findings, please contact Fran Lowe at 510-735-9871 (PST) or Sheryl Zapcic at 717-875-4545 (EST).  
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