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The Next Big Green Thing

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Friday, August 20, 2010 - 3:30pm


Yes, Green is big; and it is certain the next business tidal wave.  The turmoil in the waters is a confusion of purpose and a vacuum of solutions that every astute business person should realize is a latent opportunity.  Of course, stepping into this marketplace is not as easy as inventing the toaster.  The challenge is huge and requires an extraordinary solution.  Just ask yourself, how many businesses want to Go Green?  Or, how many businesses would like to be certified as a Green business?  The answer is that every single business will eventually Go Green, and there is no good solution to fill this need.

This calls for a national and international solution, and there is now one company ready to respond to this amazing market.   An event is planned for January 14 and 15, 2011 that has all the elements of “The Next Big Green Thing.  A select number of elite entrepreneurs will gather in Miami, FL to learn about the opportunity to develop a Green agency that will literally become the center of Green activity in the community.   These proven business entrepreneurs will discover a proven and exciting system that is moving to consolidate this market.

The Green Business League is inviting high-achievers to attend a two day session that will allow Green business chapters to develop in key areas across the United States.  Two highly successful chapters already were established in the pilot project, and two intentional centers were set up in Lima, Peru and Durban, South Africa.

This is the firm that provided the Green certification for the Gerald R Ford Presidential Library.  The Green Business League is an EPA Energy Star Partner, and part of the RainTrust project.  This gives GBL a powerful three-punch program that is the perfect solution for any kind of business.  Even in a down market, Green is growing in popularity; and a bevy of new regulations are going to drive their market due to the urgent issues faced worldwide.  Large corporations like Wal-Mart, DELL, HP, and MicroSoft are a few of  the Fortune 500 already positioning for what is coming.

Invitees to this event must be business savvy, highly-motivated, leaders who see the power of Green over the next few years.  Leadership is vital to the next phase of Green business, and the establishment of a national network of Green consultants is truly the next big thing.

Those who believe that they have the skills, drive, and people management experience to join this impressive program are encouraged to visit the Green Business League website and consider this program.  The revenue model is exciting and provides multiple streams with renewing annual income that show no sign of downturn.  The exciting fact is that GBL has built a system that is proven, powerful, and ready to take this business to the next level.

There are many firms seeking to penetrate this market, but only one organization has taken this program as seriously as Green Business League.  With more than 350 consultants across the country, it is now time to consolidate the program and build a system that will “Bring the Green”.  This is the new leadership of tomorrow.

The Next Big Green Thing event is by invitation only.  Those wishing to be involved in the program should obtain the information and submit their information in advance of the event.  Prime areas will go fast, and this program is expected to be very rewarding.


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