The Paint-Free Coke Can of the Future

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The Paint-Free Coke Can of the Future

Coca-Cola’s famous red and white can is getting a green makeover!
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The Paint-Free Coke Can of the Future!
Monday, January 18, 2010 - 12:30pm


Coca-Cola’s famous red and white can is getting a green makeover!

Almost everyone in the world can recognize the iconic red and white Coca-Cola can, and almost no one can resist the delicious soda that’s inside of it. There is, however, one designer who wants to defy the Coke can’s traditional look with a green makeover, and his name is Harc Lee.

Harc Lee designed what he calls a “colorless” Coke Can that uses no dye for the can’s production (the logo is embedded into the can), which means that there’s no possibility of us regular folks ingesting toxic paints. And when there’s no paint there’s no need for the paint’s production, so we’re cutting down on carbon emissions that would have been produced in a factory.

Those are two pretty great reasons for me to think that Lee’s “naked” design is very cool. I’m pretty happy when I’m not ingesting toxic paint, and I like the idea of having clean air to breathe. Oh, and the added bonus is that when there are no factories being powered, there is no…power. Less electricity being consumed by people produces a much happier planet.

I support this sleek new look for the Coke Can. It’s eco-friendly and it could give the future a modern style upgrade. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t love taking a picture of yourself holding this can!

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