PepsiCo's $8 Million Commitment Boosts India

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PepsiCo's $8 Million Commitment Boosts India

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PepsiCo's $8 Million Commitment Boosts India. #water #PepsiCo #India


Since 2005, PepsiCo has supported water-focused programs in developing countries with almost $34 million. Due to philanthropic efforts by PepsiCo, the organization has achieved a “positive water balance” status in India. The latest initiative by PepsiCo is devoted to giving back more water than is used by its manufacturing process, by putting sustainable water initiatives into practice among Indian communities. 

Monday, November 14, 2011 - 12:30pm

Pollution, waste and poor management leaves one in eight people lacking access to safe water, according to the United Nations. PepsiCo finds that statistic unacceptable.

Its latest philanthropic initiative is targeting India, where PepsiCo achieved a "positive water balance" in 2009, giving back to communities more water than it consumed in its manufacturing processes, a significant milestone in its growing water stewardship by implementing sustainable water initiatives, reducing wasteful water use and recycling where possible, in addition to other measures.
Increasing that commitment, PepsiCo just announced an $8 million donation to, the non-profit co-founded by actor/activist Matt Damon, to be used for micro-loans with a goal of providing 800,000 Indian families safe water by 2016.
The WaterCredit model enables the poorest of the poor to tap into existing water lines, avoiding hours of lost employment spent waiting to buy water at hefty prices. U.S. beverage companies are increasingly involved in water initiatives since criticism of polluting and depleting local water supplies in India for business was levied against them in 2000.
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