REorient the Workplace Experience

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REorient the Workplace Experience

a blog by Aster Angagaw, SVP Market Development, Sodexo
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REorient. Explore the importance of the overall employee-workplace experience on health #CNGSanDiego

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Sodexo SVP of Market Development discusses the value of the workplace experience on organizational health.

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 6:30pm


More and more, clients ask us to assess, evaluate, and design workplace experiences that drive employee engagement, increase productivity, collaboration, and foster a culture of well-being.  This progressive design has one common goal – increasing the health of an organization, including the performance of people and business.  Basically, it’s the workplace of the future; a workplace that delivers organizational value through the optimization of assets and infrastructure.  Sodexo is proud to be presenting at the San Diego CoreNet Global REimagine Summit this week, and actively participating in critical conversations with tangible solutions. Our toLive team will be on hand to talk about how you can REorient your workplace experience.

Progressive corporate real estate executives must constantly evaluate utilization of space, design inspirational built environments, and create efficient and effective service architectures.  Each of these subject areas cannot exist in a vacuum, and managing them in a strategic, and congruent way, leading to organizational results that deliver true value.  This value is measured in the ability to maximize the performance of people, improving operational efficiencies, enabling corporate agility, and promote health and environmental safety. This thinking is evident in our most recent piece of research, the 2012 Workplace Trends Report, and made evident in the way that Sodexo is redefining the workplace.

Stop by the toLive booth in the main lobby at CoreNet and let’s REimagine and REorient your workplace experience into one that’s exemplary.