RSF Listed Among Top Honest, Open, Trustworthy Money Managers

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RSF Listed Among Top Honest, Open, Trustworthy Money Managers

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.@RSFSocFinance listed among top Honest, Open, Trustworthy Money Managers! Read more: #csr
Friday, March 2, 2012 - 6:50pm

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This week on the Huffington Post, RSF Social Finance was named as one of the stand-out firms dedicated to an honest, open, and trustworthy approach to working with  money. The article, written by R. Paul Herman, CEO of HIP Investor Inc., listed eight ways money managers can practice this dedication, including truthful credentials, open disclosure, and open-sourced proprietary processes. Another approach, according to R. Paul, is to invite and value clients' expertise, and for this, RSF's stakeholder-determined customized interest rate, called "RSF Prime," is a shining example.

We're thrilled to be recognized for practicing the co-creative principles which are essential for transforming our economic relationships. The timing of the article is uncanny, as next week in Santa Fe, a group of investors and borrowers will meet for the first quarterly pricing meeting of 2012. To learn more about how to open an investment account with RSF where your money will be put to work in support of high-impact social enterprises, and "your own expertise is invited and valued," click here or email

To read the full post on Huffington Post, click here.