RedZone proudly introduces the 'GreenZone'

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RedZone proudly introduces the 'GreenZone'

New website highlights positive environmental impact
Monday, November 2, 2009 - 9:00am

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) November 2, 2009 - Pittsburgh, PA - Collection system management is critical for environmental safety.  The EPA has identified the reduction of sewer overflows as one of several national priorities of focus to reduce environmental pollutants.  Every day, collection system managers are tasked with making critical decisions about abundant and valuable buried sewer infrastructure. In the U.S. alone, there are over 4.2 billion feet of sewer pipe, or approximately 14 feet per person.  In many cities, aging & leaking pipes cause millions of gallons of sewerage to be discharged into water bodies every time it rains.  Collection system managers are constantly dealing with 4 key constraints while trying to inspect and understand their infrastructure prior to making critical decisions:  insufficient funding, timing, resources and technologies.

RedZone recently launched a solidified product offering that includes Solo and ICOM3 alongside our flagship Responder robot.  These breakthrough products will help our municipal sewer customers inspect and understand their systems better than ever, allowing them to plan asset management programs that make the best use of available funds. 

Steve Line, RedZone CTO, stated, "Sewer systems can present great risk by overflowing into the environment when they are neglected or when the probability of failures not understood due to random, sporadic inspection practices.  Managers need to inspect and understand their systems in an expeditious manner so that plans can be devised to prioritize and execute cost effective preventative measures, maximizing the value of their rate-payer funds.  While helping solve the greater environmental concern, our products are also an environmentally friendly way for managers to inspect, understand, plan, and execute."

Steve added, "Our newly launched Solo robot is an industry first.  It is the only commercially available, self powered, truly autonomous inspection robot for sewers.  It replaces large CCTV trucks as an environmentally friendly alternative, and can even be hand carried to any site.  Our Responder robot enables the inspection of the most difficult and typically neglected large sewer pipes that have disproportionally large consequences of failure.  And everything comes together on our ICOM3 wastewater management software.  ICOM3 is designed to be deployed as a service, which means less energy consumption and required hardware.  Software as-a-service is a low energy consuming proposition and very good for the environment."

For more information please visit and select 'GreenZone'.

About RedZone Robotics, Inc.
Based in Pittsburgh, PA RedZone Robotics, Inc. simplifies wastewater management by providing our clients with world class robotic inspection technologies and sophisticated data analysis software.  Our solutions deliver the truly useful information that is required to make better decisions while reducing spending and negative environmental impact.

Wastewater management is of critical environmental importance to the world’s urban areas.  The EPA estimates that U.S. investments in wastewater will need to increase by over $150 billion over the next two decades to maintain current service levels if new spending and operations practices are not adopted.

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Philip J. Johns
RedZone Robotics
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CONTENT: Press Release