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The report discusses the Company's mission, governance & strategies, over & beyond activities & performance, both in business & with respect to environmental aspects.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 12:20pm

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(3BL Media) September 5, 2012 - In this 2011 edition, the company discusses its mission, governance and strategies, over and beyond activities and performance, both in business and with respect to environmental aspects.

Issues featured in this 2011 edition include the consolidation of the company’s governance, the progress made against its material issues, the dissemination of its Management Beliefs to all employees, the highest ‘Favorability Index’ ever attained in its Organizational Climate Survey (since its inception in 2003), and the increase in social investments - the actions taken to benefit the communities where Votorantim operates, and the initiatives taken to benefit the environment.

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The Integrated Report is available in these formats: complete - online, PDF and printed; and abridged - online, PDF, print and iPad. All these formats are available in Portuguese, English and Spanish versions.

About Votorantim
Votorantim Industrial (VID) is one of the largest business conglomerates in Brazil. VID is privately-held, 100% Brazilian- owned company whose operations focus on the primary industrial sectors of the economy, that demand capital intensive and high scale production processes such as cement, mining and metallurgy (aluminium, nickel and zinc), steel mill, pulp, concentrated orange juice, and energy self-generation.

Votorantim Industrial is headquartered in Brazil and has operations in a further 15 countries. In terms of operational facilities the company has 56 factories, 44 mines, 111 concrete plants and 52 distribution centers, in Brazil and abroad. Of 35 hydroelectric power plants in Brazil, 22 are owned by Votorantim.

As an integral part of its strategy, growth is aligned with sustainability principles. Accordingly, in 2011 the Company earmarked R$ 473 million for environmental prevention and management projects and R$ 59.4 million for social actions.


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CAMPAIGN: ReportAlerts from 2012

CONTENT: Press Release