Social Accountability International (SAI) Releases 2010 Annual Report

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Social Accountability International (SAI) Releases 2010 Annual Report

Released on its 14th Anniversary, SAI’s 2010 Annual Report highlights ‘Human Rights at Work’
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SAI’s latest Annual Report features stories from its programs, and highlights accomplishments and challenges in Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India and Nicaragua as the organization works to advance the human rights of workers around the world.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 10:00am

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As SAI scales up, it refers to the growing spirit of social enterprise that it initially tapped 14 years ago. Over 1.4 million workers are employed in SA8000®-certified facilities, across 65 industrial sectors. SAI’s multi-stakeholder approach underpins its commitment to advancing human rights at work. Below are some highlights from the report:

1. “What’s Your Social Fingerprint?®”: Leveraging over a decade of experience with the SA8000® management
systems approach, SAI’s Social Fingerprint™ Program helps companies to ‘measure and improve’ their mark on
the world. See encouraging preliminary results from Carrefour’s and Timberland’s participation.

2. Scaling Up Indian Responsible Business Initiatives: Two interrelated development partnerships in India
respond to the country’s growing CSR movement and demand for training. They bring together key partners:
Timberland, the Ethical Trading Initiative-UK with its National Homeworkers Group, Gap Inc., Tchibo GmbH, PGC
Switcher, the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), UKAID (DFID), BSCI, and Prakruthi.

3. Cholera Prevention:As the epidemic in Haiti spread to its neighboring country, SAI’s Project Cultivar team
worked with sugarcane and banana farms and the government in the Dominican Republic to implement effective
cholera prevention at workplaces. Cultivar provided a manual on workplace cholera prevention and facilitated
workshops on water purification and other preventative measures to mitigate the possibility of a full-blown
outbreak. At the time of this publication, no cases were reported on the participating farms.

4. Signatory Corporate Programs Member Engagement:Anvil Knitwear became the first U.S.-based company
to sign on to the ‘Cotton Made in Africa’ initiative; Eileen Fisher detailed their inspiring visit inside its
distinguished SA8000® certified supplier Ho Fai Garment in China; and Gap Inc. worked with the Impression
Apparel factory in El Salvador to improve working conditions.

5. Project Cultivar’s Three Principles for Labor Rights Compliance:After four successful years, this USDOLfunded
project presents results achieved through its three principle strategies: 1) strengthen local leadership; 2)
build capacity of workers, managers and labor inspectors; and 3) facilitate social dialogue.

Download SAI’s 2010 Annual Report:

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CONTENT: Press Release