Social Accountability International's Newsletter - May 2012

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Social Accountability International's Newsletter - May 2012

The latest news and events on CSR and supply chain management from Social Accountability International
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Multimedia from this Release

SAI's May 2012 Newsletter -

Achim Lohrie, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Tchibo GmbH

SAI's multi-stakeholder Advisory Board convenes in NYC

Snapshot from the ISEAL Alliance Conference in Bonn - Martin Ma, SAI Lead Trainer and Solidaridad China Director & Joleen Ong, SAI Communications Manager.


SAI's newsletter is a monthly online publication, covering the latest news from SAI including CSR and supply chain management insight from the field, SAI program updates from around the world, Social Fingerprint®, SA8000® certification statistics, upcoming events and training seminars, job opportunities, and more. The newsletter aims to provide readers with a glimpse into the impact of our mission, and its multi-stakeholder approach to achieving decent workplaces around the world.

Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 6:00pm

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>>SAI Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Board Convenes in NYC
Key Meeting Takeaways from Advisory Board Chair, Achim Lohrie

>>SA8000: Basic Needs Wage & Overtime
Q & A with SAI Field Services Director, Doug DeRuisseau 

>>Tchibo GmbH Upgrades Corporate Membership
Interview with Tchibo's Head of Corporate Responsibility, Achim Lohrie

>>Pre-Subscribe Now: Handbook on UN Guiding Principles

SAI & ICCO's Handbook offers a six-step approach to help businesses implement the Principles in their supply chains

>>Enroll in Global SA8000® Auditor Training Courses
International Locations & Online Courses Available - 3BL Subscribers receive 10% off with the code: 3BLSpring2012

Highlights & Announcements

SAI Turns 15!
May 2012 marks the 15 year anniversary of SAI's establishment to advance the human rights of workers around the world.

SAI Unveils its New Website
Check it out and let us know what you think Thanks to Tchibo GmbH for its crucial support towards it development.    
"Certifier Certainty" - Editorial in Corporate Responsibility Magazine
SAI Executive Director Eileen Kaufman responded to the article, "What Price Assurance" citing that claims about sustainability verification are untrue. Read it
Participate in the GSCP Reference Tools Review Process
The GSCP Reference Tools aim to describe the best existing practice and provide a common interpretation of fair labor and environmental requirements and their implementation in global supply chains. The consultation process is open until June 15. Read it
International Labor Rights Forum- May Day Spring Forum
SAI Communications Manager Joleen Ong attended the forum, "Democracy and an Economy for All: Protests and Strategies for Change" in Washington D.C. on May 1. Learn more
ISEAL Alliance Conference 2012
On May 29-31, SAI Communications Manager Joleen Ong and SAAS Executive Director Rochelle Zaid, attended the conference in Bonn, Germany, which focused on ISEAL's 10 years of impact, and its new government sustainable public procurement program. Learn more


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