Socially Responsible Business Supports Jewelry Art of Indigenous Mexicans

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Socially Responsible Business Supports Jewelry Art of Indigenous Mexicans

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The heart of gift boutique is in offering high quality products that promote eco-consciousness and social justice. Elegant Roots makes it Personal, connecting customer to artisan, by telling the Story of each product, every artisan/designer and their visions for People and Planet. We inform so customers may align their purchases with their.Buy less but buy better. Make it meaningful. And we deliver it all in exquisite, eco-conscious gift wrap.

Each week, in Elegant Roots' Tuesday Tracts, we will recognize one of the artisans/designers whose creations grace the pages of our website. We think you'll find the stories worthy of notice.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 - 10:30am


Difficult and unreliable roads faced noted landscape and lifestyle photographer Richard Speedy travelling in northern Mexico's Sierra Madre. He labored his way, fueled by storied-beauty to the rocky, pine-wooded heights around Copper Canyon to explore and capture the stunning scenery.

In the remote village of Norogachi, Chihuahua, he found his own heart captured by the indigenous Tarahumara Indians and Mestizo farming families living there. Richard was drawn to their culture, seemingly little touched by modern life, but quickly realized that without sustainable economic viability the Norogachi way of life was threatened by a desperate and alienating exodus to urban centers. Instead of simply photographing yet another traditional culture's demise, then turning his back, Richard committed to do something positive.

Back home in New Jersey, Richard partnered with his wife Mara Speedy, Rob Thacker and designer Jody Olcott to find a way to help the Noragachi villagers maintain their culture and way of life. Building on the traditional talents of the Norogachi artisans, Richard and his team formed a jewelry-art group they called Julio Pagliani—an affectionate moniker he had been given during his Copper Canyon travels. Soon the Julio Pagliani team and their Norogachi partners were making some of the most exquisite, museum-quality jewelery you'll find anywhere in the world.

The Julio Pagliani story and its extraordinary jewelry graphically demonstrate the power of a socially responsible enterprise. The team began with a desire to make a positive difference in an economically challenged part of the world, then worked tirelessly to make their vision a reality.

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