Southeastern Michigan Homeowner Gives Solar Panels a Thumbs Up!

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Southeastern Michigan Homeowner Gives Solar Panels a Thumbs Up!

Solar Solution Even Satisfies Homeowners Association Rules!
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Michigan homeowner's solar project satisfies Homeowner Association

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Backyard solar installation pays off for Michigan homeowner


Still think solar panels can't be cost effective or aesthetically pleasing? One MIchigan homeowner would beg to differ....

Monday, March 19, 2012 - 1:00pm


By Steve Bredernitz,

Just over a year ago, I was meeting with some fellow remodelers and we were talking about quirky clients, our teenage kids, and renewable energy.  A few of these gentlemen had solar arrays and wind turbines at their homes and spoke highly of the benefits.  Others at the table were adamant that renewable energy was not cost effective.  One remodeler in particular commented how solar was a horrible idea in the 1970s and is a horrible idea today.  That was the moment I decided to act!  Read more....


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