Supply Chain Leaders – Have You Discussed Sustainability?

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Supply Chain Leaders – Have You Discussed Sustainability?

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Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 1:00pm


By Michael Koploy

A key part of any business operation to include sustainability considerations is examining its supply chain. In some ways, this external look can be more of a challenge as transparency, evaluation and the power to re-tool a practice, resource or product are more difficult outside the doors of the company. However, to truly understand the impact of a business service or product, we must take into account the practices and consequences of what goes into the product.

As part of my work on transportation management systems at Software Advice, I have been able to clearly understand where we need changes in supply chain management and what questions supply chain leaders need to ask themselves in the discussion. Here are the five questions that leaders need to start with to begin the conversation about sustainability:

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Michael Koploy is a guest blogger for CSRHub. He works as a ERP Analyst at Software Advice – a consultancy firm that reviews transportation management systems. You can read more on this subject at the Software Advice blog or contact Michael directly on Twitter @SCMAdvice.

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