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Sustainability Pledge: Walk The Talk - A blog by Andrea Learned

Andrea writes exclusively for her blog, LearnedonWomen, and appears regularly on Vermont Public Radio.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 1:51pm


With a foot in both the academic and business worlds currently – I find myself intrigued that a lot of colleges/universities are taking such a lead in committing their facilities and community to new journeys in sustainability, while corporations are lagging way behind.   Some companies may be ramping up  marketing efforts, for certain, but what about the basics of first engaging the humans in their businesses with sustainability on a more personal level?   It goes beyond the recycling bin in the corner and the automatic lights in the restrooms.
Let’s learn from the many institutions of higher learning that have sustainability pledges, as they are all quite similar.  Harvard’s – which comes up first in  a Google search, is a nice example.