Sustainable Energy For Brazilian 2014 World Cup Stadium

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Sustainable Energy For Brazilian 2014 World Cup Stadium

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 1:10pm



The Soccer Cup that will take place in Brazil in 2014 is a massive event that is mobilizing the Latin American country. It has become standard that big-scale projects such as this need to embed sustainability in the plans in order to be viable. Such is the case with the London Olympics, where sustainability has been a major part of the project from the start.

Those involved in the organization of the Soccer Cup in Brazil event are also concerned with sustainability and part of the plan is to generate solar energy to power some of the stadiums where the matches will be played out.

Recently the management of Maracanã, the largest soccer stadium in the world, located in Rio de Janeiro, announced the venue will be fitted with solar panels in time for the cup. The project is a partnership between Rio State and the region's main electricity provider, Light. It will produce the equivalent of energy required by 240 typical Brazilian homes.

Now, Neoenergia, a clean energy company, said it has struck a partnership with Celpe, a regional electricity company that serves the state of Pernambuco in the Brazilian northeast, to build a solar farm on Arena Pernambuco, a stadium that is being built to host soccer matches during the 2014 cup.

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