Sustainable Excellence: The Must-Read Book

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Sustainable Excellence: The Must-Read Book

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#Sustainable Excellence: The Must-Read Book
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 1:00pm


A new book, Sustainable Excellence, shows that for companies to deliver lasting value for investors, they must create strategies that include solutions to the biggest social and environmental challenges of the twenty-first century. You might wonder though. Aren't social and environmental concerns for NGOs or governments to worry about? Aren't companies supposed to build shareholder value?

According to authors Aron Cramer and Zachary Karabell, social and environmental challenges are vital to businesses for the following reasons:
  • the availability and prices of the natural resources that businesses use

  • the new era of "radical transparency" with real-time scrutiny and mobilization by individuals and NGOs, and

  • major new market opportunities in developing countries

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