The Top Six Reasons Board Candidates Choose One Nonprofit Over Others

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The Top Six Reasons Board Candidates Choose One Nonprofit Over Others

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What are the top six factors that business executives consider when choosing which nonprofit board to join?
Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 8:15pm


I have the joy of ushering business executives and professionals in exploring a variety of nonprofit boards for participation. Each candidate goes through a thoughtful process of sorting through the plethora of causes that interest them, including organizations that are at different stages--from start-up enterprises to century-old nonprofits.

When making their final choice, here are the six considerations that board candidates take most seriously:

  1. Am I excited about the mission? Is it meaningful enough to me to want to take time from my busy life, make a generous financial contribution, and ask my company to support my organization as well?

  2. Do I find the chief executive officer ("executive director") compelling--someone I am confident in and look forward to working with?

  3. Do I find the programs compelling? Are they achieving the work that the organization has set out to do? (and if the programs need to be enhanced or streamlined, do the chief executive and/or the board seem prepared to make that happen?)

  4. What is the revenue model, what are the challenges, and do the CEO and board seem prepared to address the challenges?

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