Tuesday Tracts: Social Enterprise, A Fish Story

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Tuesday Tracts: Social Enterprise, A Fish Story

Social Enterprise and the Long Tail of E-Commerce
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Each week, on Elegant Roots' Tuesday tracts, we will recognize one of the artisans/designers whose creations grace the pages of our website. We think you'll find the stories worthy of notice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - 7:00pm


Ordinarily, we write Tuesday Tracts to feature people who promote social justice through enterprise. www.elegantroots.com/blog/

Today, though, it's about the nature of social enterprise. Social enterprise blurs the distinction between "not-for-profit" and "for profit" entities. For-profit social enterprises, though organized to realize a profit, are not organized to maximize profit. Rather, the moving force is the notion that commercial viability through the opening of markets for economically marginalized people creates a strong, resilient and vibrant level of security and stability that improve all facets of life: nutrition, health, independence, education, etc.

The elegant notion at ElegantRoots.com, from which we take our name, is that a people's traditional arts when applied to a commercially viable design create a win-win for artisan and recipient. But only when a market can be opened and maintained for the resulting product, the artisan wins, enjoying a traditional lifestyle and a growing independence, rather than being forced into the ever growing but not sustaining large urban sprawls. The purchaser wins by having a nonpareil product from the touch of an artisan's hand.

Creating a market for these products extends the benefits of globalization to people who have been otherwise left out.

But I promised you a fish story.

You know the old proverb: give a person a fish and you feed her for one day, teach a person to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.... Well, social enterprise pushes this further: Buy fish from a person at a fair price and you improve lives in a community immeasurably in innumerable ways beyond a full stomach.

Especially when you apply the long tail of the internet. E-commerce is the perfect way to create a market big enough for these wonderful, specialty products.

Read more: www.elegantroots.com/blog/

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