What Is Sustainable Fine Jewelry?

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What Is Sustainable Fine Jewelry?

Sulusso offers considerations for determining if jewelry is made with minimal social and environmental impact.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: Making Sustainable Jewlery Mainstream

CONTENT: Press Release

At Sulusso, we believe that the jewelry sector (a $75 billion industry in the US alone) has the power to lift communities and whole nations out of poverty. By supporting designers committed to creating jewelry made with minimal social and environmental impact, you are contributing to positive change. As such, Sulusso is working to expand its offering of designer jewelry that may be deemed sustainable as defined by the following:

  • Uses recycled, reclaimed, or fair-trade metals
  • Purchases gems from artisanal miners or companies that adhere to fair trade principles
  • Uses reclaimed or estate diamonds and gems
  • Uses ethically-sourced diamonds and gems
  • Uses diamonds and gems that are traceable from mine to market
  • Buys locally sourced materials when possible
  • Pays fair wages based in local economy
  • Offers a healthy work environment
  • Employs only age appropriate people based on the culture
  • Uses recycled packaging
  • Works to reduce amount of packaging
  • Minimizes product shipping
  • Uses recycled or eco-friendly paper
  • Minimizes amount of printed materials
  • Recycles and disposes of waste properly
  • Works to reduce energy usage
  • Supports other local and/or sustainable businesses
  • Minimizes travel (other than by food, bike or skateboard)
  • Donates time and resources to community development organizations
  • Works to become more socially and environmentally responsible
  • Is ethical in dealings with all stakeholders

Visit www.sulusso.com or call us at 888.777.7976 to learn more.