When Someone Cares

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When Someone Cares

HydroPack™ Demonstration Project

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 7:00pm

They are fishing camps with all of the characteristics of a refugee camp. There are no latrines and the only water to drink is the contaminated water in Lake Victoria.

So the HydroPack™ is ideally suited for the 500 residents of Sango Naganda, two beach islands located near the convergence of the River Nzoia and Lake Victoria.

And the fishermen who live on the islands said as much when they saw how the HydroPack™ makes dirty water drinkable.

"Water is life," says Kanoe Omalo, chairman for the Sango beach. "When we cannot drink the water, our life is in trouble. When it floods, the sanitation is so bad, the waste mixes with the water.”

Some people cannot return to their homes for a year.

The fishing camps are year-round home to several thousand fishermen on Lake Victoria. The incidence of the HIV Aids virus at the camps is among the highest in Kenya. Malaria and other waterborne diseases are widespread.

But the fishing camps are isolated and the residents feel nobody cares about their plight.

So the residents of one camp were happy to see Ret. Lt. Gen. Dr. Paul.K. Carlton, Jr., M.D., former U.S. Air Force surgeon general, show up with a supply of HydroPacks™ to show how they work.

Dr. Carlton compared the membrane of the HydroPack™ with a fish net. “Only the good water -- the fish -- gets through the net,” he explained.

The fishermen got the message. As they sipped on the flavored HydroPack™ drinks, they smiled because they had the feeling somebody cared.


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