Who Says Texans Don't Get Green?

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Who Says Texans Don't Get Green?

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Friday, June 18, 2010 - 2:28pm


Engaging conversation around sustainable business strategies is always exciting and this morning was no different.   Why?  Because as a sustainability consultant in the heart of Texas, I was welcomed with open arms to speak at the Houston Business Connection.  The Houston Business Connection is an allegiance of business professionals in Houston’s prestigious Spring Branch/Memorial area in which its members are committed to fostering growth in the Houston business community by providing local entrepreneurs a central source for their core business and personal needs.  Generally, Texans are known for embracing independence and not necessarily sustainability concepts; however, this network of professionals demonstrated that eco awareness is alive and kicking in Texas. 

We started out clarifying misconceptions around business sustainability.  Our working definition for the day: business sustainability is not only about the environment.  It's about profitable businesses including the social and environmental impacts of their decisions in a way that strengthens the organization, the community, and the environment. What were the hot topics?  Find out here.

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