Wondering How You Are Going To Prepare Your Business For The New Sustainability Officer Legislation?

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Wondering How You Are Going To Prepare Your Business For The New Sustainability Officer Legislation?

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Executive Order 13514 put new emphasis on Greening government, and similar demands will soon impact corporations everywhere. There is a mandate to install a trained Green/Sustainbility Officer in every segment of the business world. Going Green is quickly moving from a "Anything Goes" approach to a serious issues at every level of society. Every business NEEDS a Green Officer and a serious plan for Green Certification.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 - 1:00pm

CAMPAIGN: New Online Sustainability Officer Training

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Students of the Sustainability Officer Training will be provided a strong introduction to the Greening process, shown how to install a program that merits respect, and will actually save the company a great deal of money. Green is also about efficiencies, and we know how to make Green pay. This is a self-paced course that can be completed in a week or two of part-time study. Video and downloadable text is immediately available upon sign up. You will leave with the knowledge, the ability, and the plan to turn your company into an Authentically Green Business.

This is the first online training for Sustainability (Green) Officer Training. This will kick off on Monday November 9th, 2009, and there is no firm time limit to complete the course although we schedule a two week cycle as a normal experience. There are a series of recorded training classes that the student may take at their leisure, and three live classes that will be archived in the event that the student misses the broadcast.

Upon registrations, the student will receive access to pre-class orientation materials. Prior to class, the student will be able to download and print the study materials. Upon completion of a prescribe set of tasks, the Sustainability Officer Certificate will be sent to the student. This is a great credential on your professional resume.

We are limiting this class, so it is very important to make your reservation right away. Due to bandwidth requirements, we must buy the Internet capability in advance.

Upon registration, you will receive notice of your reservation and some early recommendations that will help you prepare for a very rewarding experience as the classes begin.

The registration fee is $250, and the remaining $1345 is due and payable by the start of class. We provide a 100% money back guarantee for all students if you find that the course is not everything we had promised. We fully expect that you will be exceedingly pleased with the volume of information, professional content, and breadth of subject matter.

Our goal is EMPOWERMENT, and this is done by providing a tremendous education on practical environmental issues that every business needs to know.  Starting from the vantage point of vital facts and concepts, the program leads into a clear path to sustainable business transition.

Sustainability Officer Training offers a broad range of topics that cover every element of Green business applications.  The goal is not to make the Sustainability Officer an expert in all subjects, but to make this person knowledgeable.  That well-rounded knowledge is the missing ingredient in most Green committees.

Your company will Go Green. There is no doubt about that. What is unknown is how well or how poorly the Greening is done.  If it is done poorly, your company will eventually have to return to the task to do it again and again until it is right.  It just makes sense to Go Green the right way since it is relatively easy to do at this time.

As a trained Sustainability Officer returns to the workplace, there are noticeable changes. The sense of mission is now merged with business success. Green officers have learned about the triple bottom line: People, planet, and profits. At this point, the concept of Green is a clear asset to the business because the Green efficiency factor will increase company productivity and year-end profits. 

Sustainability Officer Training is time well-spent, and it will be more informative and practical than any Green conference your people might attend.  Our subject matter is direct, effective, and is designed to provide a clear path to a authentically Green business. If you want to sign up or learn more go to www.sustainabilityofficertraining.com.

 The Sustainability/Green Officer Training is taught through an online program that provides clear instruction for Green business operation.  For too long, the Green transition has been left to the best efforts of a few appointed people who had no formal training in environmental principles. Good intentions that are hampered by limited information will lead to a program that lacks integrity.

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CAMPAIGN: New Online Sustainability Officer Training

CONTENT: Press Release