Is it Really Green Versus Sustainable?

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Is it Really Green Versus Sustainable?

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Friday, October 29, 2010 - 10:00am


Okay, there is an ugly rumor running about that business leaders have an aversion to the basic idea of Green.  If we investigate this mild phobia, we would learn that the sustainable word is considered a more business-friendly concept.  But, why?  Well, it seems that the concept of Green had a rough time at birth.  It was kidnapped by a band of treehuggers, fed by veggans, and watched Captain Planet save the world from ravaging corporate polluters.

Green has a legitimate meaning that is best defined as “health impact on living things” from our actions.   I am sure that no one is really against this concept of a better life for all, but the concept has been skewed from it’s best intentions.  At this point in time, the taint of extremist has faded from this valuable term.  The real meaning is valuable to any business because employees are one of the biggest assets of any company; and if the workers are take less sick days, have fewer claims, and are more productive, the company will be more profitable.

I prefer to include four key topics in the environmental plan for a company.  Environmental program include: Heath and Safety (Green), Sustainability practices, Pollution reduction, and Conservation.  Regardless of highjacking tactics, there are core elements of any environment-conscious company’s plan.  This creates a holistic approach to the subject that allows a company to avoid the piecemeal approach to the whole project.

It is a good idea to do an energy audit, a carbon footprint, address indoor air quality, include recycling, or adopt Green purchasing protocols.  Unfortunately, these ideas alone are still acquired in a piecemeal and random fashion.  The Green Business League starts with an assessment of the current environmental practices and results in the completion of a holistic sustainability plan for each company.  This allows all subjects to be considered and included as they might apply.

Do not avoid the Green factor, the sustainability practices, pollution reduction, or conservation options.  It is frankly a matter stepping up to the plate in an honest way.  Building an environmental program is also progressive.  By this, I mean that you don’t have to do everything at inception, but you need a good start.  A Green business is assembled over a period of years as more elements are added to the sustainability plan.

If your company wants to start the process, it is recommended that you appoint a Green officer (also known as a Certified Sustainability Officer or CSO).  Training if this person can be done online, and having a in-house Green officer makes the effort seamless, affordable, and holistic.



Michael Jay
Green Business League
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