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If only sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) were simple and easy to execute. On the contrary, their very complexity is shifting and shaping the current and global professional landscape. And with these changes come a host of new questions, a bevy of new challenges, countless creative successes, and even more demoralizing failures as businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals attempt to embrace sustainability and CSR on both the professional and personal levels.

In this everchanging space, Justmeans Staff writers use their knowledge and expertise to bring you the leading stories and facts to help readers stay current on all these issues. As the business world continues to grapple with sustainability and CSR, Justmeans will continue to write about it.

FMRs from this campaign

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary: Walt Disney
(3BL Media/Justmeans) - This November has been the month where organisations have made dreams come true for children. One of the best stories by far this year has been about the ‘Batkid’ when San Francisco rallied for 'Batkid' Miles Scott, a leukaemia survivor who is now in remission.
Nov 28, 2013 12:45 PM ET
Thousands Get Clean Water Through the Clean Water Campaign
(3BL Media/Just Means) - Clean water is a ​comfort​ that most of us take for granted. Sadly, this is not the case for more than a billion ​people ​in the world, who struggle to access potable water for drinking and cooking.
Nov 27, 2013 12:15 PM ET
Allstate Highlights Diversity Commitments
(3BL Media/Just Means) - Allstate is famous as the "you're in good hands" insurance people. It is also known as a Fortune 100 company, the second-largest personal insurer in the U.S. with revenues of over $32 billion in 2012, and the largest insurance company that is publicly held.
Nov 22, 2013 5:15 PM ET
Food Blogs: Innovative Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle
(3BL Media/Justmeans) Blogs have become the go-to resource for anyone wanting to develop their skills, or try their hand at something new – and they’re rapidly pushing more established sources of ‘expertise’ out of the market and one of them is home cooking!  More people are now cooking at home and finding their recipes online via food blogs.
Nov 21, 2013 2:30 PM ET
Cisco Networking Academy Helps Latin America Fill Skills Gap
There probably is no better way to learn about professional opportunities in a certain market than to hear from companies with a leading presence in that market. And this is what Cisco Networking Academy does. It helps individuals prepare for industry-recognized certifications and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) careers in a wide range of industries.
Nov 20, 2013 4:15 PM ET