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If only sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) were simple and easy to execute. On the contrary, their very complexity is shifting and shaping the current and global professional landscape. And with these changes come a host of new questions, a bevy of new challenges, countless creative successes, and even more demoralizing failures as businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals attempt to embrace sustainability and CSR on both the professional and personal levels.

In this everchanging space, Justmeans Staff writers use their knowledge and expertise to bring you the leading stories and facts to help readers stay current on all these issues. As the business world continues to grapple with sustainability and CSR, Justmeans will continue to write about it.

FMRs from this campaign

Smithfield Foods Phases Out Sow Gestation Crates
Smithfield Foods, Inc. is serious about making its supply chain more humane. Murphy-Brown LLC, the hog production subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc., is well on its way to phasing out sow gestation crates. In 2014, 71.4 percent of Murphy-Brown’s company owned farms in the U.S. transitioned to group housing. The company increased the amount of pregnant sows in group housing systems by almost...
Jan 16, 2015 4:00 PM ET
India Plans $25 Billion Funds to Promote Green Energy
In the early 1980s, India became the world’s first country to set up a ministry of non-conventional energy resources. India’s grid interactive renewable energy capacity, excluding large hydropower projects, has reached 30 GW. The country’s award-winning Solar Loan Program, run with the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), provides consumer financing for solar home power...
Jan 16, 2015 8:00 AM ET
How Planting Trees in Haiti Put Kids in School: The Timberland Story
When’s the last time you walked into your yard or cal park, looked up at the trees, and in the same thought, gave thanks for the education of your children? It’s not a correlation I’ve ever made. But it is to Gustave, a smallholder farmer from Gonaïves, Haiti. Trees are sending his five kids to school. Three of the five are attending high school, analogous to...
Jan 15, 2015 4:00 PM ET
World Bank Uses Innovative Solution to Highlight Sustainability Indicators
The World Bank Group is currently driven by the twin goals of ending extreme poverty within a generation and boosting shared prosperity. It is promoting environmental and social sustainability while pursuing a development path of fiscal responsibility to achieve these goals. With its extensive experience in what works for development and what does not, the World Bank views itself as a “...
Jan 14, 2015 4:00 PM ET
TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program Helping Travelers Choose Sustainable Hotels
Hotels can reduce their environmental footprint as well as gain economic benefits when they pursue sustainable initiatives. In addition to enjoying a greater competitive advantage, guest loyalty, enhanced brand value and recognition, hotels stand to achieve direct financial savings when their costs of energy, water and waste disposal come down due to sustainability strategies. ...
Jan 13, 2015 4:00 PM ET