3 Myths About Online Grants Management Holding You Back

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3 Myths About Online Grants Management Holding You Back

By: Andy Cummings, Director of Client Solutions
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 5:45pm

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If you have a flood of incoming grant requests, you need a solution that makes it as simple as possible to collect the right information, route requests through the organization for approval and payment, and report on your program results. This makes sense, so why haven’t all grant managers embraced online grants solutions that do just that and effectively streamline their processes? What is holding them back? Like any habit or process you have become accustomed to, change of adopting a new system or technology with perceived complexity can cause hesitation.

We understand this fear of change. Luckily, with a solution like Versaic, we work precisely the way you work from implementation and beyond. We have worked with hundreds of companies, from small to Fortune 500 and across a spectrum of industries developing a wealth of best practices and insights. Let us debunk the following fear inducing myths about online grants management systems:

   1. It’s Too Expensive

The truth is many grants management platforms are too expensive. This is because they fail to share the hidden costs of implementation of their software. With these systems, when the program goes live and changes need to be made, the company will then charge significant fees to incorporate these changes or add new features to their modules. With the Versaic system, there is no catch. Team members work closely with Versaic’s engineering and operations teams, staying up-to-date on the latest initiatives that benefit your specific organization. A dedicated client service team at no additional cost allows ongoing product improvement based on the client's feedback which saves you time and money.  

   2. Implementation Will Be a Long And Difficult Process  

Software companies don’t always have the best reputation for making implementation a painless process. Who wants a slow, painful process when your already super busy? At Versaic we focus on our client’s needs and goals during implementation. What Versaic clients care about is making their teams as productive as possible as quickly as possible. Thus, the Versaic system is typically implemented from start to finish within about a month. That’s no different if you’re switching over from another vendor (in fact in most cases it is much quicker!) Versaic ensures everything is transferred over so you don’t have to worry about critical data being lost.

   3. Extensive IT Involvement Will Be Required To Administer The System  

There are many grant solutions out there, but not many that value a partnership approach as an integral component of their system. Packaged solutions have more of a do-it-yourself (or have IT do it) model. With Versaic, clients have a dedicated client success manager who ensures their system is up to date and reflects any and all changes and updates that need to be made. There is no additional charge for routine changes and you definitely don’t need your IT team involved in either the set-up or ongoing management of the system.

So there you have it. There is no reason to fear an online grants management system that works the way you work. In fact, an online system allows you to better align your grants program with the mission of your organization and engage more effectively with your community and stakeholders in a way that is accessible, transparent and responsive. In turn, you are able to make better philanthropic investment decisions and gain insights about your impact on the community.

To learn more about how our software can help your corporation gain insights, save time, and build your brand email info@versaic.com or call 877-712-9495.

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CAMPAIGN: Getting to Impact