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Best Practice delivers a series of brief case studies highlighting projects and programmes for organizations around the globe that are raising the bar in CSR and sustainability and setting benchmarks for others to follow. Each Case Study is accompanied by an independent review written by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE).

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The original newswire service focused exclusively on corporate citizenship, CSRwire is respected by journalists, bloggers, business leaders, academics and activists globally as a source of real-time information about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) news and events. CSRwire offers press release distribution services.

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Justmeans 'Business Better' is comprised of news and editorial about the Corporate Responsibility (CR) and sustainability field. The site publishes original articles, blogs and interviews by a staff of writers who provide original editorial content, as well as contributions by guest bloggers.

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ReportAlert Stakeholder Communications Service puts your organization's Corporate Responsibility (CR) and sustainability practice news in front of stakeholders across your industry, peers in related fields, and influencers around the globe. For more than ten years, ReportAlert has been the leading global CR report dissemination service.

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SocialEarth, "Promoting Social Entrepreneurship, Businesses, and Ideas," is a community engagement platform emphasizing ideas, and issues in the context of their social impact and the mission of social good.

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Ethical Performance, "Independent Intelligence for Socially Responsible Business," is the U.K.-based publisher of Ethical Performance Journal and Best Practice case studies. Founded in 1999, Ethical Performance provides a subscription-based monthly briefing for senior executives and professionals, CSR practitioners, socially responsible investors, and academics.

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