80% Employee Engagement. 20x More Volunteer Hours.

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80% Employee Engagement. 20x More Volunteer Hours.

The Land O'Lakes Story
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80% Employee Engagement. 20x More Volunteer Hours. Find out how Land O'Lakes did it with AngelPoints Volunteering. http://3bl.me/rpygst
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 2:10pm

Land O'Lakes has always made an incredible impact in their community through their volunteer programs. But they were able to enhance that impact tremendously when they implemented AngelPoints Volunteering to manage their volunteer efforts. With the new system in place, they saw their total number of volunteer hours jump from 1,600 to over 31,000. Now company-wide employee engagement hovers around 80%. That's huge! Read their story to find out how they did it.

Read the Land O' Lakes Story

Download the article (PDF) and read about all the success Land O'Lakes has enjoyed with AngelPoints Volunteering. They did it, and so can you.

“AngelPoints met all of our needs. We’ve never had a reason to look anywhere else."

Debbie Prince
Volunteer Program Manager, Land O'Lakes


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