Applying Time, Talent and Technology for Business and Social Good

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Applying Time, Talent and Technology for Business and Social Good

How Appirio is Tapping Its Silver Lining to Help The Community
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How do you apply time, talent, and technology for #business4better? A mid-sized tech company shows how.
Friday, April 12, 2013 - 2:05pm


For many companies, getting started can be the hardest part of any community partnership program.

Appirio, a global mid-sized Cloud Technology solutions company, started small at just the 100 employee mark, picking a few key areas and working with employees to understand their ideas and get them involved. In the beginning it felt like a bunch of events strung together, not a program. As they grew, Appirio figured out how to more gracefully weave business objectives into their CSR and community involvement. At the top of the list was leading with their strengths in tech talent and resources to make a difference and strong reliance on employee participation. This also helps to have impact on an ad hoc, dynamic budget.  

To help accelerate and to merge business partnerships and outcomes with community, Appirio looked at “readymade” partner and customer events where their employees, customers, and communities were already doing good things.  

Where did this lead the company and its employees? Would you believe part of the journey involves handmade blankets?  

To read more about how companies like Appirio are working with nonprofits in their community to achieve Business4Better, read A Silver Lining in Every Cloud: Applying Time, Talent and Tech for Business and Social Good.

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