BNY Mellon Celebrates Sixth-Annual Eco Days

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BNY Mellon Celebrates Sixth-Annual Eco Days

BNY Mellon Eco Days

BNY Mellon Eco Days

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Nearly 300 #sustainability ambassadors lead #BNYMellonEcoDays, which run until June 5
Friday, April 28, 2017 - 8:30am

From tree planting and biking to work to an all-out print reduction competition, BNY Mellon employees are taking eco-friendly action this spring. Eco Days began with Earth Day on April 22 and continue through World Environment Day on June 5.

Leading the effort are the Sustainability Ambassadors, a group of 300 employees across 12 chapters in the United States, EMEA and APAC who are dedicated to environmental stewardship and raising awareness of climate change. These ambassadors know every day offers opportunities for environmentally friendly choices both at home and in the office. They use Eco Days as a way to rally their peers behind sustainability initiatives.

“At BNY Mellon, we foster a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainable behavior among our employees, not only during Eco Days, but throughout the entire year,” said Carol Britton, Chief Operating Officer. “Eco Days is a celebratory period to champion our company’s commitment to sustainability.”

This year, ambassadors have planned events to reduce resource consumption, lower BNY Mellon’s carbon footprint, and spread awareness of environmental sustainability. They’re always looking to build sustainability measures into business processes and share the tools that make it easy to do so, like e-signature programs and electronic notetaking. In addition to a print reduction competition among all of the chapters, one office location will discontinue the use of disposable cups in favor of reusable mugs.

Returning this year are the popular Sustainability Fairs, in which BNY Mellon partners and vendors showcase their products’ and programs’ sustainability features. For example, through Xerox’s ReLeaf program, Xerox tracks the number of pages the company prints and then plants trees around the world to offset the impact. After learning about these kinds of capabilities, employees are more energized to incorporate eco-friendly habits into their work routines.

Follow along as BNY Mellon celebrates Eco Days with the hashtag #BNYMellonEcoDays and learn more about the company’s sustainability efforts in our CSR Report.


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