Banorte-Ixe Social Responsibility During 2012

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Banorte-Ixe Social Responsibility During 2012

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Meet the social responsibility actions of @BanorteRS during 2012
Monday, December 31, 2012 - 2:30pm

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December 31, 2012 /3BL Media/ - During 2012 Banorte-Ixe Social Responsibility continues seeking to strengthen the sustainability of the Group through cross-collaboration and through the establishment of commitments directly related to the business.

Among the actions that reflect the above, are:

• The adoption of Equator Principles by Banorte, integrating them to the design of its Social and Environmental Management System, which aims to identify, measure and mitigate social and environmental risks in certain credit operations.

The signature of the Natural Capital Declaration by the Group’s CEO in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Río+20.

• A pilot program that seeks to train, advise and provide credit to 3000 MSMEs in sustainability practices, of which Banorte is part, together with the Global Institute for Sustainability of the “Tecnológico de Monterrey”, Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (FOMIN), FEMSA and Walmart.

Internal communication campaign to promote, among employees, a culture of diversity and inclusion, encouraging among them equality and non-discrimination.

SÚMATE, a trust that aims to benefit children, adolescents and older adults in a situation of vulnerability. Employees, Banorte Foundation and Banorte-Ixe participate on it.

Sponsorship of impact investment events, together with other organizations, being the starting point of an initiative that seeks to expand the opportunities for SMEs with environmental and/or social purposes, in benefit of society´s common good.

• Financial literacy to our employees, as well as, to the attendees of the summer camp organized by the institution Unidos Somos Iguales.

Carbon Disclosure Project recognizes GFNorte among the top 10 companies in Latin America in disclosure and performance with respect to climate change.

Among the products or services with social value are Fondo Personal MiFon, Hipoteca Mujer Banorte and a loan product with preferential rates to SMEs whose business is focused on cultural activities.

Banorte-Ixe seeks to keep its stakeholders informed, transparently, on actions taken, through different channels.

Many thanks for your support joining Banorte-Ixe during 2012 and meet its commitments, challenges and progress, to keep improving and strengthening its social responsibility with you hand in hand to make México stronger.


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CAMPAIGN: Valor Social

CONTENT: Press Release