CBRE: “Builds and Manages Communities”

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CBRE: “Builds and Manages Communities”

Curtis Feeny, CBRE Board Member Managing Director, Voyager Capital

Curtis Feeny, CBRE Board Member Managing Director, Voyager Capital

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016 - 8:05am

To become world class requires a company to focus on more than simply maximizing its profits. It also needs to take a global leadership role as a responsible corporate citizen.

People have figured out that companies striving to do the right thing for the broader community are, in fact, the best companies. Their intent is one of shared responsibility – not only for the environment but for the communities they serve. It only makes sense. Doing good by the community supports the business itself, creating a feedback loop that benefits everyone who touches the organization.

If you think about the full spectrum of corporate real estate that CBRE serves, you realize that the company is actually in the business of building and managing communities. A common bond is established in which foundations are built, people employed and services provided – with the benefits of that relationship accruing to the neighborhoods and communities in which CBRE has developed a presence. The company, then, becomes more accurately defined as an organization invested in people and the client’s success as a community partner.

“World class” also means providing employees with a great place to work. If you look at the Workplace360 model, there are now more than 30 places around the world where CBRE has established creative, healthy work environments that inspire greater productivity, which in turn enables CBRE to deliver better results for its clients.

And while there’s always a natural distinction between a CBRE workplace and the client location, that physical barrier dissolves when client results become the primary focus – and the concept of building a shared community is at work, both inside and outside the office.

For these reasons and more, the Board of Directors is actively engaged in CBRE’s corporate responsibility efforts, and is proud of the firm’s rating as one of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

Curtis Feeny, CBRE Board Member
Managing Director, Voyager Capital

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