CBRE’s Shared Advantage: The Inside Story

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CBRE’s Shared Advantage: The Inside Story

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David L. Pogue, Global Director, Corporate Responsibility

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 8:05am

Some firms understand that their influence extends beyond the boundaries of their own work. They recognize that the impact of small, positive acts multiplied across a broad global enterprise can improve the communities they serve, while at the same time grow their bottom line. When those positive acts flow naturally from the business process, the organization evolves beyond its public persona to deliver a mutual benefit to all of its stakeholders.

We call this Shared Advantage.

At CBRE, we understand the significant impact the built environment has on the global environment. Commercial real estate is at the nexus of many of today’s most important issues, including resource depletion, land use, transportation, workplace health and climate change. Through the development and routine application of innovative practices and services across each of our business lines, CBRE has a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in the communities we serve while at the same time building a competitive advantage.

In 2015, we actively began the process of consolidating and coordinating our previously distributed activities into a purposeful, more comprehensive approach. We look forward to reporting on the progress made in 2016 and beyond, as we integrate Shared Advantage across the full breadth of CBRE’s commercial real estate services.

CLICK HERE for an inside view of how our firm’s commitment to corporate responsibility embodies all our global business activities. In just 90 seconds you’ll gain insight into the value of Shared Advantage, and of CBRE’s passion for creating a mutual benefit for all of our valued constituents.

David L. Pogue
Global Director, Corporate Responsibility

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