Dell CSR Reporting – Annual Updates on Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

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Dell CSR Reporting – Annual Updates on Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan

At Dell, we have always believed that technology should be about enabling human potential. This belief has been a core part of our culture since our start and today, we define our company’s purpose around that singular idea — delivering technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow and thrive. Our commitment to put technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet is a natural extension of this idea.

Our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report – also named our Annual Update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan – brings this commitment into focus.

Our progress in reaching our goals for helping people and the planet can be found in our current report, throughout our website at and in our archive of past reports.

FY17 Annual Update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan | FY17 CSR Report
Throughout our business, we're looking at how we're impacting our communities, customers and world. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report measures how we're meeting our goals related to the environment, our giving programs and more.

2020 Legacy of Good Plan Annual Update website – FY17 CSR Report highlights
Take a high-level view of how we're progressing towards our 2020 Legacy of Good goals. This site provides information on how we're doing, broken down by each goal.

Goals Dashboard
See how our new combined company is progressing towards our social responsibility goals.

By the Numbers
Material indicators from across our business.

Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan PDF download
Explore the first report that announces our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. In this report we explain how our long -term sustainability plan sets the trajectory for how social and environmental sustainability will become an accelerator for Dell’s successful and sustainable customer and societal outcomes for years to come.

GRI Report
In addition to our annual corporate social responsibility report, each year we provide a comprehensive Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) online index, following the GRI Standards.

Archive of past reports
see where we've been with our previous Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

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Dell believes technology has a powerful role in helping others to benefit the world. So two years ago we put a strategic plan behind that belief: our Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. We’re committed to achieving 21 goals by 2020 that bring social and environmental objectives together with our business objectives to create value for our customers as well as...
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