The Indigo Turtles Project

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The Indigo Turtles Project

Orta Anadolu and Mavi are protecting the endangered sea turtles by supporting EKAD’s studies with their “Indigo Turtles” project.

Orta Anadolu and Mavi have become partners with EKAD (Ecological Research Society) tohelp in the conservation efforts concerning two 110 million year old sea turtle species, the “Caretta Caretta” and “Chelonia Mydas”, both of which have now become endangered.

EKAD collects data on human interference during the laying and hatching seasons. This interference comes from the tourism industry’s development of their nesting grounds, unnatural light sources that confuse hatchlings and accidental fishingg deaths. Hundreds of volunteers are involved in the studies, which are taking place in Belek from June to September. The idea is to perfect the incubating eggs from unnatural obstacles, hotels and people, and to help new born turtles on their path to reach the sea from their nesting grounds.

Under this collaboration, exclusively designed t-shirts will be sold in Mavi stores under the concept “Indigo Turtles”. Any purchased t-shirt, ensures 10 baby sea turtles’ lives and makes a significant contribution to the natural habitat of the Mediterranean Sea. The project aims to maintain the lives of 15.000 baby Sea Turtles by adopting 400 nesting grounds.

Join us to save and protect the endangered sea turtles,help spread the awareness of conservation and feel the spirit!

You can continue your generous support through purchasing an Indigo Turtles t-shirt via a Mavi store or the online shopping website.
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Indigo Turtles Finally Reach Out to the Sea!
In search of the blue finished with a great happy ending as the baby sea turtles hatched. Now the turtles are feeling stronger than ever with the partnership of EKAD (Ecological Research Society), OrtaBlu and Mavi Jeans! Watch the promotion video of the project!    
Sep 2, 2014 7:00 AM ET
“Indigo Turtles” T-Shirts Save Lives by Adopting Baby Sea Turtles
Adopt and help baby sea turtles with these t-shirts purchase. Please visit online shopping website.
Aug 21, 2014 2:00 PM ET