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Renewable Energy at NRG

Our belief in a more sustainable future is apparent in the range of solutions we're putting in place - and in the equally diverse list of customers benefiting from them.

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Tried-And-True Methods for the C-Suite to Cut Energy Costs
In a world of diminishing resources, increasingly unpredictable supply chains, and global competition, energy management must become a board-level area of focus. However, HBR research indicates that energy is "often the largest inadequately monitored part of a company’s cost structure." For many executives, the myriad of ways in which to enact energy savings are too varied and not...
Mar 29, 2018 3:20 PM ET
The Texas Renewable Energy Landscape: From Aspiration to Execution
Georgetown, Texas, is perhaps best known for its antiques and retirees. So what led former Vice President Al Gore and hundreds of renewable energy leaders to converge on this small Central Texas town last month? In 2016, Georgetown became the nation’s largest city to rely on 100% renewable electricity after ...
Nov 17, 2017 9:10 AM ET
Clean Power is Already the Plan
What would a repeal of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) actually mean? The announcement that the EPA is seeking to repeal the CPP raises some valid questions about the future of clean energy and carbon emissions in the U.S. To understand the impact, let’s look at some important context. First, NRG remains committed to our long-term sustainability and science-based emissions reduction goals:...
Nov 6, 2017 9:25 PM ET
NRG Sustainability Commitments Stronger Than Ever
I proudly joined NRG exactly one year ago as the new head of sustainability, knowing I was joining the power sector at a time of rapid transformation. It’s an exciting time of technology and business model innovation, but it’s also a time of uncertainty. The surest thing we know about the future of power is that it won’t look like the past. On July 12,...
Jul 27, 2017 8:35 AM ET
Beyond Renewables: Bright Solutions that Make Reaching Your Energy Goals a Breeze
Decision makers from business, industry and government today are seeking integrated energy solutions — solutions which assure both a secure and affordable energy supply to meet today's and tomorrow's needs, and effective management of energy and overall operational costs. At GlobalCon this week, we’re sharing how companies can meet these goals in an era where renewables seem to be the go-to...
Apr 24, 2017 7:50 AM ET