Small Farmers. Big Change: Creating a Green and More Just Food System

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Small Farmers. Big Change: Creating a Green and More Just Food System

Home: Education about the connections between small farmers, our food system, and the environment. 

Green Partnerships: concrete environmental projects that our consumer, interfaith, and food service partners are undertaking in their communities, workplaces, schools and congregations; we will also present some ways in which our farmer partners are making efforts to protect local ecosystems through reforestation, organic conversion, and other farm renovation projects and offer ideas for how you can support them;

Take Action: we will identify key legislative areas and other opportunities for political action in which we can influence trade and agricultural policies to benefit producers, consumers, local communities, and our planet.

Content from this campaign

Meet Two Co-ops Behind Our Chocolate
Love chocolate? Want to see where it comes from and shake hands with the small-scale farmers who grow it? Then ENTER TO WIN a spot on an Equal Exchange delegation this November to visit...
Sep 10, 2013 10:15 AM ET
Ugandan Partners Testify Before Congress
This week, Ms. Evelyn Nassuna, the Uganda Country Program Director of our partners Lutheran World Relief (LWR), testified before Congress about a pending U.S. development program.  In her comments (read testimony here), Ms. Nassuna stressed that work to support small-scale farmers is...
Jul 29, 2010 9:00 AM ET