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What Matters Most

As the concept of sustainability continues to evolve, we have greater opportunities to create social, environmental and economic value for our business and those we serve. Our sustainability commitment allows us to do just that by pushing us to always focus our efforts on what matters most. Deeply understanding the needs and preferences of our team members, customers, partners and the world around us is the key to remaining a leader in sustainability and to driving continuous improvements. We understand that beyond our business, lives the world we touch every day. It’s a world filled with life we respect so greatly that we made it the focus of everything we do. That focus allows us to evolve our sustainable actions into a deeper connection with humanity. Connecting the people we serve with better health for their businesses, lives and world. To us, that’s what matters most.

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GOJO Blog: Celebrating What Matters Most
By Roberto Bellino, Sustainability Analyst, GOJO This coming Saturday, April 22nd, marks the 47th anniversary of Earth Day. At GOJO, we honor this day, and every day, by celebrating our commitment to understanding the needs of and creating Sustainable Value for all GOJO stakeholders. ...
Apr 21, 2017 8:05 AM ET