The Cause Marketing Triangle: Advantage #3 Budget Efficiencies

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The Cause Marketing Triangle: Advantage #3 Budget Efficiencies

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Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 2:00pm

Cause marketing efforts have historically been on the hot seat to be transparent. We took a deeper look at this in a previous white paper: The Six Pillars of Effective Cause Marketing. Just as it is critical to tell consumers what percentage or dollar amount of a purchase is going toward a cause, it’s equally important that you maintain your audience’s trust by smartly allocating every dollar spent on a cause marketing campaign. The Cause Marketing Triangle maximizes a campaign budget by only selecting media partners that share the other partners’ true north and desire to reach and engage a common target audience to make the greatest impact.

In the past, advertising was defined by reach and frequency: the number of people who are exposed to a message, “reach,” and the number of times those people are reached, “frequency.” The Cause Marketing Triangle contests this theory because reaching, engaging and mobilizing even one person to participate in a cause marketing campaign is much more valuable than reaching 100 people who will not participate. Engaging media partners who share your campaign’s target audience will increase potential for willing participants to engage with your cause and maximize your campaign’s budget by not wasting dollars to reach people outside of your target audience who will not likely champion your cause anyway.

The days of reach and frequency alone are over.  Be responsible with each cause marketing dollar you spend, and align your campaign with highly-targeted media partners who will maximize every penny of your investment.


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