Co-Creating a Winning CSR Communications Strategy

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Co-Creating a Winning CSR Communications Strategy

By Alison Servi

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It’s no longer enough to just launch and manage effective #SocialImpact initiatives via @CSRwire #comms
Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 12:30pm


It’s no secret that corporations are now expected to do more than just offer safe, effective products at affordable prices. Today’s consumers scrutinize both how a company makes its money and how it spends it. Expectations expand far beyond the token do-gooding characteristic of traditional Corporate Social Responsibility programs; people want to know the impact that brands are having on social issues, and whether a company’s workplace conditions, environmental policies, and materials sourcing align with its publicly stated values.

But it’s not enough to just launch and manage effective social impact initiatives. Virtually ever major company has a CSR program, and all are vocal about their efforts. In a world where altruistic efforts are over exaggerated and over-reported, even the companies that do social impact right can easily get lost in the noise. It’s never been more important for brands to set clear goals that can be attained, measured, sustained, and communicated in a compelling way.

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Alison Servi is Vice President, Strategy & Learning at Kelton Global. Prior to her current role, Alison spent several years leading many of Kelton’s largest global engagements, leveraging research, marketing strategy, and design consulting to uncover inspired business solutions.