Costa Donates 'Pingers' to Protect Dolphins from Fishing Nets

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Costa Donates 'Pingers' to Protect Dolphins from Fishing Nets

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.@costacruise donates 'pingers' to protect dolphins from fishing nets #carnivalcorp
Monday, June 29, 2015 - 10:40am

Originally published by Seatrade Cruise News. 

Costa Crociere is providing acoustic deterrent devices to Italian fishing trawlers in the Mediterranean. The so-called 'pingers' will be attached to fishing nets to warn off dolphins and porpoises by emiting a safe, ultrasonic tone.

Such alarms have been shown to reduce the accidental netting of cetaceans.

Costa's donation supports the work of CNR-Ismar, Italy's National Research Council – Institute of Marine Science. 

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