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DSI for GOOD.is; "Born before 1980?"

Monica Snellings on the value of the long view
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.@SVA_News The ability 2 solve problems might benefit from those who have faced the complexities of life read here: http://3bl.me/swaxwd
Monday, April 15, 2013 - 11:30am

by Monica Snellings

Originally published by good.is on 3/13/13

Lots of smart young people are attracted to the field of social innovation and that’s a good thing. But are systemic problems in need of the life skills older adults bring? The ability to solve problems just might benefit from those who have faced the complexities of life, work, and family. Does wisdom have a role along side youth?
Wisdom accrues in the messy process of working through the conflicting issues life throws at you. At work, wisdom grows with resourceful solutions in spite of little money or time. Nothing is more instructive in wisdom building than the long partnership of marriage and the absolute humility of raising children. Sounds like social innovation, right?
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