Diageo Gets Shockingly Real with VR

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Diageo Gets Shockingly Real with VR

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.@Diageo_News creates shockingly real #VR experience to deter consumers from drinking and driving: http://bit.ly/2gjcRcT via @Cone #csr

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Monday, December 12, 2016 - 10:05am


Virtual reality (VR) has been all the rage this year – especially when it comes to making causes real for consumers – and many organizations, like TOMS, Charity:Water and the National Autism Society are jumping on the bandwagon. The latest example highlights just how real VR can get – putting consumers in the passenger's seat of an alcohol-related crash, creating a 360° experience of how an individual's decisions can impact so many others.

Humans make more than 30,000 decisions every single day but can brands influence individuals to make the right ones? Now, beer, wine and spirits company, Diageo, is attempting to do just that through a new VR experience called, "Decisions." The VR video takes consumers along the paths of three separate stories that converge in one heart-stopping tragedy – highlighting how one decision can result in a fatal drunk driving crash. The technology puts consumers in the passenger's seat of the car, "reinforcing a bystander's power in preventing tragedy." The goal of "Decisions" is to create a jarring experience that will "help inform responsible decision-making" and "enlist advocacy."

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