EU Commission on Cosmetics Approves Two Previously Restricted Substances For Use

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EU Commission on Cosmetics Approves Two Previously Restricted Substances For Use

Monday, May 9, 2016 - 9:05am

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This past October, the European Commission on Cosmetics voted to approve the use of two previously restricted substances in products. Starting May 21st, the use of these compounds will be available for use in cosmetics products. This addition will have a tangible impact on the chemical management of many companies looking to, or already doing business in Europe.

The Substances

Zinc Oxide (normally used as UV protection for the face) and Potassium Hydroxide (used for removing or softening calluses) will now be available for use in the European Union.  Products with up to a 25% concentration level of zinc oxide and a 1.5% concentration weight by weight will now be approved for sale.

However, these changes come with restrictions and the addition of warning labels. Zinc oxide products will exclude those that could harm with lead exposure to the lungs via inhalation. Potassium hydroxide products will needs to be labeled with warnings to avoid contact with the eyes.

Successful chemical management has the potential for tangible revenue impact. It is imperative to source your products and constantly be receiving updates on additions and subtractions to current chemical regulation laws. This could be the difference between adding scalable revenue and potentially being penalized for using restricted substances in your products.

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