Ecocentricity Blog: Be Careful How you Prounounce That...

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Ecocentricity Blog: Be Careful How you Prounounce That...

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When giving, don't get "taken" by the "shelf sitters" and we don't mean elves #Ecocentricity Blog @johnalanierRCAF

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Our work, and really everyone’s work, requires long-term vision, long-term commitment, and long-term relationships. Sure, our grants have an “end date.” But if we are doing our job well as philanthropists, our grants will carry on, having an impact long after the dollars are spent.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 9:00am

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A word of warning as I begin. If you were planning to read this blog aloud in polite company, I would recommend against it.

Don’t worry, this post won’t be R-rated or anything. It’s just that I fear you might ever so slightly mispronounce what I want to write about, and it could prove embarrassing (or hysterical, your choice).

Shelf-sitters. Let’s talk shelf-sitters. Are you seeing why I started with a disclaimer? If not, try saying shelf-sitters five times fast.

I have to credit my uncle and Foundation Trustee, Phil Langford, with the coinage. At a recent Board of Trustees meeting, he was talking about the importance of making sure the projects we fund don’t just get put up on a shelf and forgotten. We want our initiatives to have as long of a life and as much influence as possible.

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