Ecocentricity Blog: Why Two When One Will Do?

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Ecocentricity Blog: Why Two When One Will Do?

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Rooftop #solar shingles: renewable energy, dematerialization, lightweight with systems integration #Ecocentricity

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What we care about with our roofs is that they seal the building and move water off the house without looking ugly. If we also want solar power generation, wouldn’t we prefer roof shingles that also generate power themselves?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 12:50pm

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I have a business hypothetical for you. Let’s say your favorite color is green and that you are in the market for a new raincoat. You’ve found a perfect-fitting, deep forest green coat for $90, and you are ready to take it to the register when I stop you with a proposition.

“Nice raincoat,” I begin. “The color really brings out your eyes.”

“Thanks,” you awkwardly reply, wondering why this stranger in the store is talking about your eyes.

I continue on, oblivious to your uncomfortable and defensive stance: “So I can see why you might want to buy that beautiful coat, but before you do, perhaps you would be interested in what I have to sell. You see, I have this lightweight windbreaker in the exact same shade of green, and it only costs $50.”

As your eyes scan the store for the friends who have somehow abandoned you to this bizarre person trying to sell you his own coat inside a coat store, you politely respond: “I’m not looking for a windbreaker. I need a new raincoat, and that would soak through in a storm.”

“Aha!” I say in triumph. “That’s why I have this clear, colorless rain coat to put over your green windbreaker, and it also only costs $50. That way, you can stay stylish and dry with two garments instead of one! So, do we have a deal?”

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